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Losberger De Boer on the increasing focus of modular construction

Losberger De Boer on the increasing focus of modular construction

Decades ago the introduction of semi-permanent and temporary modular structures transformed the construction sector, but as the shift toward a more controlled environment for the sector became more valuable — especially now, building designs have changed to accommodate the need for space. 

Modular construction has been revolutionising the sector as a cost-efficient and sustainable solution to build structures faster and stronger.

These include setting up high-quality, semi-permanent buildings for sports events, music festivals, other live events, in addition to triage centres, hospital wards, isolation facilities, and vaccination centres, among others.

Germany-headquartered Losberger De Boer, one of the world’s largest suppliers of quick-to-build semi-permanent and temporary modular structures, is currently helping countries set up short-term vaccination centres to help with the mass roll-out of vaccines.

The company recently delivered its first temporary large-scale vaccination centre in Germany. The German municipality of Recklinghausen commissioned the temporary building specialist to design and install a mass vaccination centre.

Within two weeks, the company built a 1,900m2 facility, where 2,000 people can be vaccinated each day.

At that time, the company had indicated that it has the blueprint ready for a short-term, mass roll-out in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and other GCC countries.

“Regionally, we have been busy in Qatar with setting up vaccination and triage centres,” says Waleed Khaled, sales director at Losberger De Boer Middle East, while speaking to Construction Week in an exclusive in-person interview.