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Containerized Units


We have become the first choice of worksite and office buildings for major projects in UAE and MENA region, thanks to our production expertise, high production capacity according to international standards, and our recently developed new generation of demountable high-strength container buildings. Our new generation of demountable containers are produced with high-tech system that uses bolts and nuts instead of welding. With 60 mm thickness walls and 110 mm thickness roof panels our containers enjoy superior insulation.

With SPACEBOX’s jointed container’s system, single-story or multi-story buildings can be produced including site offices, labor accommodations, schools, mosques, mobile medical units consultant/ contractor’s offices, dining hall, wc and shower units, international sport and tourism organizations buildings, sport facilities, military facilities, are all prepared with different alternative plans. SPACEBOX’s worksite and office container buildings have many advantages such as quick design, production and assembling according to international standards, and economic prices that meet customer's budget.