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Inspiration leads to a distinction, a famous saying clearly refers to our commitment towards high class manufacturing, we have delivered splendid projects of villas, customized accommodations in urban and in remote areas to the ones who have taste for perfection. As a class manufacturer, SPACEBOX offers two-storey prefabricated ready-to-use house designs prepared by experienced architects and engineers as villa type houses. With our duplex houses you will experience aesthetic architecture, ergonomic design, and international quality. Our Framecad machine has the ability to manufacture upto three story building with light GI steel wall, floor and roof panels. Prefabricated houses are pre-produced within modern production facilities according to international quality standards, then they are assembled onsite by our Professional assembling teams and delivered to customer ready to use. One can easily own modern modular duplex prefabricated houses of SPACEBOX with their aesthetic view, quality, and affordable prices.