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Aluminium Claded Security Cabin – PB72

د.إ 20,999.00

Brand Prefab
Model ALC
Material Aluminum, steel
Item dimensions LxWxH 2.5m(L) x 1.8m (W) x 3.2m (H)
Item weight 1200kg















The steel base frame shall be constructed from RHS 100X50X3MM, full perimeter beams with central runner and cross members.


Spacing of transverse members=2500 mm c/c

Spacing of longitudinal members=3000 mm c/c




Lifting eyes are provided at intermediate points at the top of the cabin welded with the MS sheet 3.0mm painted in 01 coat of red oxide primer and 01 coat with matt enamel paint.



The Base frame shall painted with 02 coat paint, one with red oxide, one with rust free enamel paint.











Floor Frame: The Floor frame shall be constructed from MS angle  50x50x4mm welded into the base frame, making the floor assembly one integral frame.(600mm joists spacing). The floor frame shall be grit blasted to SA2.5 and painted with 02 coat system of epoxy paint.



Floor decking: One layer of 18 mm thick cement board, fixed to the base frame and floor frame.

Bottom of the cement board is painted with bitumen paint.


Standard Spec:

Floor finish in dry areas: Supply & installation of 1.5mm thick Pvc vinyl sheet fixed to the cement board decking, Pvc skirting 75x12mm at floor wall junctions.

High End Spec: Ceramic tiles 600x600mm as per color and design approve by the client.

Floor finish in wet areas: Excluded




External Finish: 4mm aluminium sheet cladding through flat stick panel pasted & fixed outer side  color as per approval of the customer.
Wall Framing: on LGS profile framing GI studs 70 x 35 x .5mm fixed together by screws at spacing of 610 mm vertically & 1200mm horizontally with inserted glass wool 50mm thick having density of 12kg/m3.
Internal Finish STD Specs: 60 minutes fire rated 12mm thick gypsum board painted in acrylic emulsion with joint strips  color as per approval of the customer.

Internal Finish High End Specs: 3mm aluminium sheet cladding through flat stick panel pasted & fixed outer side  color as per approval of the customer.

Wall Insulation: 50mm thick Rock-wool insulation 30kg/m3 density.



Roof: Trusses are constructed by MS Angle 40x40x3mm with back slope having the purlins of 25x25x3mm Ms angle.
Roof covering is 3mm thick steel  plate.


Standard Specs: Fire rated 12mm thick gypsum board fine texture painted.

High End specs: 600x600mm gypsum tile ceiling with complete suspension system.

Wall height will be 3200mm. Clear height (floor to false ceiling) is 2400 mm.





External doors are  aluminium powder coated half glass half panel / one hour fire rated steel sandwich doors  size 900x2100mm with door closer.


 Door closer is to be provided only with the external main entrance doors.





LHS aluminium famed sliding  window  06mm double glazed, tempered, tinted grey glass size 1200x1000mm with fixed glass 500×500 mm

LHS aluminium famed sliding  window  06mm double glazed size tinted grey, tempered 1200x1000mm with fixed glass 500 X 500 mm

SS stripes 50 x 1mm is fixed as per design.











Electrical supply: 230/380/415 volts as per requirement with D/B Panel. Make – MEM / Hager/ ABB or equivalent.

All wires are through PVC conduits concealed within walls.

Standard Spec: 2×36 watt fluorescent Tube lights make by Phillips.

High end Specs: 1×60 w LED panel lights  batten type fitting – Dry Areas (Make –Selex/Frater/Eqv)

13 amps and 15 amps switch socket outlets are – Legrand Brand / Tenby / equivalent.

Wires origin is – Ducab / Tekab / equivalent.

Installation of 16A- 03 Pin Quick connect socket out side of the cabin.

Data & Tel points are provided in shape of pvc conduits only without cables.









Laminated MDF  counter curved in wall nut color.


Supply & installation of Split Ac unit 1.0 Ton make by Super General.

Additional information

High End

High End




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